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Best Free Valid AMP HTML Blogger Templates Download-Part2

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In the previous article Best Free Valid AMP HTML Blogger Templates Download we talked about a group of templates wonderful and free of the codes of AMP-Bloggers We have explained some of the features of each template, and today we complete the rest of the free templates .. We hope you find the appropriate template for your blog.

Blogger template Kompi Design with Google AMP AMP or Accelerated Mobile Page is a Google project created as a standard for publishers to quickly upload pages on mobile devices On 24 February 2016, Google AMP was officially listed in mobile search results.
AMP is a way to create a web page to upload fast, embedded content embedded in three different sections: AMP JS, AMP HTML, and GOOGLE AMP CACHE. Kompi is a blogger form and response lists ready for bloggers on AMP.

MDCamp is a Mobile Accelerated Mobile (AMP) page template. Google also explained that AMP HTML or Accelerated Mobile Pages HTML is a web structure that reduces the use of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The HTML AMP view is that webmasters can design fast-loading Web pages, without much JS or any other effect. AMP HTML is a priority for Web Mobile users. The MDC AMP is a valid AMP performance model that is run by the MDC website published at Goomsite. This template is wonderful in my opinion, you can download for free you know!

Maknyus AMP Blogger Template is a template created by Raden Gino with a simple two-column design, responsive, ready-made ads, clean layout, white color, and full AMP support. I think this template is good for a specialist site.
Maknyus is an AMP mold in a modern style. This template is perfect for blogging, review, and specialized niche blogs. With a view of the physical design model, Elligan seems to have a fairly moderate loading speed compared to other news sites.

This time we talk about "Template Amp Blogger" will share the latest SEO results - Results from template AMP material Redesigned Materispot v2 design Results rifqi.id is done, it seems a simple feature of this template. The request code has also been improved to improve search engines, HTML, CSS, AMP Material, and Sample Form AMP Blogspot Templates.

Megumin Anime AMP Blogger Templates are blog templates compatible with AMP from Blogger created by Arleth Desz with right sidebar features, column design, scroll bar, white color, simple and simple design, personality and more features.

Piroamp Blogger comes with mobile pages (AMP) for the blogging platform. It was designed with a personal blog view, and only seconds left to load and run. It will help you improve the overall user experience of your website. You may know that the AMP blogger models are faster than others. So using this template, you will get a lot of speed feature on your blog.
This template has been configured and upgraded to the most effective API, valid HTML AMML, and mobile-friendly, making your site load very fast. So all readers can access your website from different places around the world. It has a unique design that will transform your regular blog into a professional.

SEOAMP is Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for Blogger Templates. This design with personal blog display, only seconds to download and run it all. This template has been configured and upgraded to the most effective API, valid HTML AMML, and is also mobile-friendly.
This template is perfect for you to advertise users, with a super clean look that makes this template has fairly high download speed.

You must have a well-known amp, a shortcut to mobile pages or "accelerated mobile pages." Read more on the official homepage of amp. According to google, accelerated mobile pages (amp) are web pages designed based on open source specifications. The amp page of validation results is stored in amp goache, making it faster in service.

Siniladom AMP Blogger Template is the accelerated mobile pages (AMP) of the Blogger template. It's a simple design, just a few seconds to download and run everything. It's just a free share. This format has been configured and optimized to become very distinctive for search engines SEO, which is also compatible with mobile

The Blogger AMP Vletters model is a ready-made model for accelerated mobile pages (AMP) for Google Blogger. It's a simple, simple design, your website loads in just a few seconds using this highly optimized template for your Blogger blog. The best thing is totally free via our disposable website. Just download the program for free. This template next to AMP is fully ready for search engines on the web and is designed with a group of early mobile users, and is highly mobile-friendly. The model of the AMP Vletters is very identical.
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