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How To Enable HTTPS On Your Blogger

Redirect HTTP to https Blogger
How to change HTTP to HTTPS in BLOGSPOT
Enable HTTPS on Blogspot Blog For Free
Should You Move Your Blogging Site To HTTPS?

How to change HTTP to Blogger HTTPS - Again with PortalBlogspot, on this occasion I will explain how to change http to https blogger for free. By switching to https to protect your blog, every visitor to your blog will be automatically encrypted.
What is HTTPS?
HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure Protocol is an Internet communications protocol, meaning that it is the most valid and secure form of Internet Protocol to protect the safety and confidentiality of computer users and sites/blogs.
The use of HTTPS data sent from the site to the visitor will ensure security and will not be easily exploited by irresponsible entities.
Also using the https protocol, others will find it difficult to hijack the contents of the data or documents that are sent from the site to the visitor.
Therefore, HTTPS plays an important role in this case, to avoid data theft such as site/blognd other data, then the site / blog should use https. And then what are the benefits of using Blogger HTTPS?
1-Your blog or visitors to your website When you visit the correct website and your site, visitors are not directed to malicious sites.
2-This will help identify hackers if they try to change any data from Blogger and send it to visitors.
3-HTTPS will add additional security measures that will make it difficult for others to listen to visitor conversations, track their activities, or steal any information.
4-Your search engine will support your blog or website using HTTPS. Therefore, your site will get a high priority through the HTTP site, making it easier to rank first in search engine pages.
5-This will improve Google's ranking due to a secure connection.
6-HTTPS will improve the security of your site, Will further enhance customer confidence in e-commerce sites. They can provide a password to their credit card without fear.
Well, after updating the previous google in the middle of 2017 by adding https features to Blogspot (not the TLD), now changing google again can be replaced with upgraded blogs to the TLD domain by https, then how to change HTTP to https in blogger? For further details, continue with the explanation below:
How To Change HTTP to HTTPS Blogger For Free
1. Login to your Blogger account.
2. After that open the following URL address https://draft.blogger.com
3. After that open the Settings menu > Basic, the HTTPS Availability section as shown below instead of NO to YES.

This is a way to change HTTP to https blogger for free so your blog will be safer. Hopefully, the above explanation is useful to all of you.
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