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How To Make Contact Form for AMP blogger HTML code Validator

How To Make Contact Form for AMP blogger HTML code Validator

We also know that Blogger already provides a contact form to make it easier for visitors to connect with the blog administrator. Messages sent by visitors will automatically be sent to the administrative inbox of the blog. The contact form displays Blogger using the script, so this does not make blogs blogger templates used by the AMP HTML blog.
One way to put the contact form on an AMP blog is to use the amp-iframe, and you've found an easy way to display an amp-iframe to keep it loaded even if it's saved at the top.
After we find a way to view an amp-iframe that remains loaded even if it is stored at the top, we're now looking for a way to display the Blogger contact form on the am-iframe on the static page.
Well if you want to try it too please follow the steps below.
We'll create a new blog specifically for this contact form and show it on the amp-iframe. This blog only displays the contact form, and you've provided a special template for this blogger's contact form.
We're using a new blog to connect to this form because the Blogger contact form must be on the Blogger Blog, which means that we can not host their own codes.
But even if you use another blog, the message will still be sent to the administrator's inbox, that's the goal.
Well, please create a new blog specifically to connect to this form and then activate HTTPS.
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Then go to the template or topic list and then disable the theme of the mobile phone.

Next, please go to the HTML edit, and please add all the codes in the HTML edit using the form template of a special contact form. Please download the following templates.
Then please save the templates.
Then, please visit the control panel of the AMP blog, then use the following code in the static page with HTML mode to display the Blogger contact form.

<amp-iframe title="Contact"
              sandbox="allow-forms allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-modals allow-popups">
    <amp-img src="https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-rRo__E6FsPs/Ws7U-IT8KNI/AAAAAAAAw_Q/qCwa6vKHgTIB-ytesdA4FlKrXMRYt5NMACLcBGAs/s1600/placeholder.png"

Please replace this https://contactampbloggerseo.blogspot.com with the URL code with the URL of the contact form for the blogger that was created.
Then publish the page and please check the appearance of its blog contact form.
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