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GX40 Sender V 1 6 4 Best Sender 2018 free download

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 GX40 Sender V 1 6 4 Best Sender 2018 free download

Features : 
* Multi SMTP Sender
* Random Country Tag 
* Random Country Capital Tag
* Random Fake Email Tag
* Random Apple Phone Tag
* Random Apple Apps Tag
* Random MacBook Tag 
* Random Android Version Tag
* Random Android Browsers Tag
* Random Windows Version Tag
* Random Windows Browsers Tag
* Random IP 
* Random UserAgent Tag 
* Random From Mail
* Random From Name 
* Random Subject 
* Random File Name Attachment
* Random Encoding and Charset
* Support Emoji In Subject and Sender Name 
* Support Attachment (JPG, PNG, ICO, PDF, DOCS and Other File)



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  • Unknown photo
    Unknown29 يونيو 2018 في 6:50 م

    hello bro.. thank you for sharing the sender.... but i have a problem here.... i have this problem from gx40 1.3, w3ll sender and this... gx69... problem is it shows sending ok.. but mails are not delivering into inbox or spam.. i am not recieving any mails from it... please can you help....

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    • Unknown photo
      Unknown14 سبتمبر 2019 في 2:39 م

      link not working bro

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