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تثبيت ويندوز 10 وهمي باستخدام تطبيق VMware Workstation Pro

الصفحة الرئيسية

اليوم سنتعرف على كيفية تنصيب نظام ويندوز 10 WINDOWS على نظام وهمي VMWARE WORKSTATION للإستفادة من مميزات ويندوز 10 WINDOWS وتجربتها دون التأثير على الحاسوب الخاص بك.
متطلبات تنصيب نظام ويندوز 10 WINDOWS
متطلبات تنصيب نظام ويندوز 10 WINDOWS هي نفسها متطلبات تنصيب WINDOWS 8
المعالج : 1 جيجاهيرتز .
الذاكرة : 1 جيجابايت لأنظمة 32 بت ، 2 جيجابايت لأجهزة 64 بت .
المساحة : 16 جيجابايت لأنظمة 32 بت ، 20 جيجابايت لأنظمة 64 بت .
معالج الرسوم : Microsoft Direct X 9

والأن نترككم مع الفيديو التوضيحي لكيفية تحميل نظام ويندوز 10 WINDOWS وبرنامج VMWARE WORKSTATION وتنصييهما.
A new version of one of the most famous programs for virtualization of systems has been released. The product presented before you can be called a powerful solution not only for developers of different kinds of software, but also for administrators who create and test network applications of the server class that should work correctly in different environments, I offer to all who need to download VMware Workstation Pro crack from our site, for this you just have to go to the full news.The program successfully uses a unique technology called MultipleWorlds –which will allow you to easily isolate the operating system and various types of applications within the virtual machines that you create, note that at the same time each of the created machines will have a standard x86 class computer, it will have its own processor and memory. VMware Workstation Pro patch has a completely new platform, thanks to which developers will receive redesigned solutions, the product has more advanced support for working with 32 and 64 bit Windows systems.From the capabilities of the program, you can note support for running at once a certain number of guest operating systems on one particular computer. When you start a virtual system, it can be deployed as a full screen and can work as a separate window on your desktop. The very process of installing a virtual machine will not break the hard drive into parts