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ALL Configs SentryMBA AND STORM جميع كونفيجات مجانا

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ALL Configs SentryMBA AND STORM جميع كونفيجات مجانا

Some Additional Notes

Sentry MBA can be used two ways: with or without configs. Config files are essentially pre-made configurations for cracking specific websites or targets. Since Sentry MBA is a very robust tool, it can crack a handful of different authentication types & it is pretty powerful at determining fakes or hits. Since it is able to know all of this, this means that it is also required to have a pretty big chunk of info to get started on a site.

I wont be covering how to make configs in this tutorial, but I will show you how to load a configuration & how to crack with a pre-made config file. I should also note that you do need a config to crack (because I said earlier that Sentry can be used without configs), but you'll need to make it yourself on the fly.

Getting Started
click "settings" on the left, then "general"

click "load settings from snapshot"

This will let you load up a config file, as mentioned earlier. Pick one from the configs you downloaded.





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